MUSIC.COM is founded on the passion for music with the intention of creating a place where artist can build a career in music.
We are building a new music experience where artists and fans will be able to interact with each other in an unprecedented way. Today we have built a place to find the latest videos from the most talented emerging artist, from there we will build an experience that’s unique and exciting for all stakeholders in our music.com ‘eco system’.
Are you a music fan go to: http://www.music.com
Are you an artist go to: http://www.music.com/artistentrance
Are you a brand and want to engage with music go to: http://www.music.com/brands
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Dan Clarke: Previously Dan led companies like Living Naturally, Vivid and Vcommerce. In his role as MUSIC.COM’s CEO he brings an extensive background in digital data management and online commerce. You can reach Dan at: dclark[at] music.com

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Billy Dutton: Billy is an early stage investor and entrepreneur. His recording and video production companies have produced over 80 music videos featuring emerging artists that went on to sign major record label deals, including Sia, Santigold and Sara Bareilles.
You can reach Billy at: bdutton[at] music.com

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Martijn Tjho: Martijn previously Co founded FUGA.COM and Songflow.com. Adding a platform where Artists interact with Fans & the new “Music Industry” is a logical next step and MUSIC.COM is the best place to do this.You can reach Martijn at: martijn[at]music. com

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Eric Crown: Eric took Insight technologies from his garage to a Fortune 500 company. Today he invests and builds companies around the world. Music.com is one of these investments where Eric happily combines his passion for the Arts and Business.

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Scott Hines: Scott is a passionate musician and a financial and operational expert managing the Crown portfolio companies and investments. Scott brings his love for music, world class strategic planning and financial expertise to Crown Parker clients

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Todd Friedman: Todd has a two decade IT career with a focus on Strategy, Information Security, Infrastructure, Program and Project Management, Site creation and management. Accomplishments include 15 years at Universal Music Group as Senior VP). Todd has an MBA and an impressive guitar and bass collection.