PRAISE FOR FALL OUT BOY’S SAVE ROCK AND ROLL “SAVE ROCK AND ROLL is the sound of a band who finally doesn’t give a shit about what you think, and it’s awesome.”... life is more fun with Fall Out Boy than without them." ROLLING STONE"an über-inclusive guitar-pop utopia "I think most of us have been frantically aware that rock 'n' roll absolutely needs some saving of late-so leave it to lovable rockers Fall Out Boy to come to its rescue!" YAHOO "Fall Out Boy really might just save rock and roll with this." NEWSDAY“Fall Out Boy aims to put the ‘power’ back into power pop (take that, FUN!)…” PEOPLE“…Fall Out Boy’s musical references are as clever as the band’s wordplay.” USA TODAY “With the newest release, Fall Out Boy passed a test many never thought they could.” THE VILLAGE VOICE “Fall Out Boy has never shied away from portentous declarations of purpose…But the group’s new album really outdoes itself. ”WALL STREET JOURNAL "ambitious, admirable, and sometimes thrilling, particularly because the group never fears to tread into treacherous waters, happy to blur the distinctions between pop and rock, mainstream and underground." ALLMUSIC "Save Rock And Roll is the band’s most personal album yet, a tribute to being passionate and young when time makes the former difficult and the latter impossible."

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