Mykonos Fleet Foxes Cover
by Goldroom


New song! Check out my cover of my favorite Fleet Foxes song, “Mykonos”.

I don’t do covers very often, but this song has always hit me in a special way. It takes me away, and puts me in a different place. For the last couple of years I haven’t sang on any of my recorded songs, but this cover felt special and I wanted my voice on it because of what it means to me. I was a bit nervous to live up to all of the amazing vocalists that I’ve worked with, but yes, that’s me singing!

I hope when you guys hear this it can do for you what the original always did for me. Hopefully it can transport you somewhere a bit sunnier, with someone you wish you could be with.

Mucho thanks to David Urbina, who put the video together. I always knew there were palm trees inside my head : )

Directed/edited by David Urbina:

Contact Josh:

Press (Beth Martinez):

N/S America: Marlene Tsuchii – & Jazz Spinder –
UK/Europe & Asia: Nick Matthews –
Australia & NZ :

Vocals by Josh Legg
Live Bass by Luxxury
Additional Production by Fabian Ordorica

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