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  • Technicolour Dreams

    In The Army Now

    Backwater/Just Take Me

  • Down Down

    All Stand Up

    Creepin Up On You

  • Burning Bridges

    Mystery Medley

    Belavista Man

  • Down The Dustpipe

    Bye Bye Johnny Medley

    Big Fat Mama

  • Something Bout You Baby I Like

    Rockin All Over The World

    Rocking All Over The World

  • Someone Show Me Home


    Roll Over Lay Down

  • Dont Waste My Time

    Hold You Back

    Forty-Five Hundred Times

  • Burning Bridges

    Juniors Wailing

    Coronation Street Featurette

  • Let Me Fly


    The Oriental

  • Whatever You Want

    Dont Waste My Time

    Tune To The Music

  • Whatever You Want

    The Party Aint Over Yet

    Roll Over Lay Down

  • The Party Aint Over Yet

    Proposing Medley


  • Forty Five Hundred Times

    Documentary Feature

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